View Full Version : 12 volts into Vdd Pin

Don J
03-10-2010, 09:14 AM
OK, been away from the stamps for quite awhile.
I decided to dig out my old BS2 the other night and I accidentally put 12 volts on the Vdd pin.
After my boo..boo.. I wired it correctly and the regulator was putting out 5 volts, but I
cannot communicate with the stamp.
Did I smoke the Pic IC or is there a communication error?

Also this computer is running Vista, so could I have a Comm problem with my Comm port.
I've got a Dell Latitude complete with a good ole DB-9 Serial port.

I downloaded the latest version of software to program the stamp.
The stamp is REV A2.

Thanks for any help, all else fails I'll just pick up another BS2 kit.

Don Jennings

Mike Green
03-10-2010, 09:44 AM
12V on the Vdd pin usually lets all the magic smoke out of a Stamp.· Anything over 7V - 7.5V applied to Vdd·generally will do it in.

Don J
03-10-2010, 09:53 AM
Thanks Mike,
I was afraid of that.
Looks like a new stamp it is.

Don J