View Full Version : XBee Question

03-10-2010, 08:04 AM
So I found someone to trade some of mu Parallax items for 2 ea. 1W XBee chips. Now I need to get them to work. I am seeing that some users are connecting one to their robot and the other to their computer. Are you guys using the XBee USB adapter to accomplish that? I am short on cash flow now and want to get these commnicating. I have a BS2SX chip on my BoeBot and I have a spare Homework board with a BS2 chip. Can I connect one XBee to the Boe and one to the Homework board and connect that one to the computer to make them communicate? I understand I need to use resistors to drop the voltage. What code would I need on the BS2SX and on the BS2? Thanks for your help. Going to get my chips now and can't wait to get back and work with them!!!!