View Full Version : Parallax Items to trade.

03-09-2010, 09:24 AM
OK, So no one took me up on any of my trade offers for a PINK or Propeller, so I will try something different. I just picked up 2 Ea. 12v DC motors today. Had a guy on craigslist give them to me in exchange for a bit of computer help!!! What a deal, the motors are $100.00 each! Any how, now I need a motor controller or two. If anyone has any spare HB-25's they want to trade for some other Parallax items, please PM me for a list of items. I will also throw in all of the surface mount resistors and capacitors that I have. They all came in a resistor and capacitor kit that I bought and I have no use for them. I have enough trouble soldering standard resisitors and capacitors and would rather give them to someone that uses them.

Also have many other items such as stepper motors and an EDE 1200 stepper controller chip.

Note: If I seem to ramble or do postings on various topics frequently, please bear with me. I am 48 years old and have untreated ADD and it sometimes gets the best of me. Sooner or later I will finish a project and post it in the completed projects section. I drive my wife nuts because I have projects scattered all over the house. Not to mention getting up at all hours of the night when I have a new idea!!!

Thanks in advance to anyone that has a motor controller to trade.