View Full Version : Newbie needs a little advice/assistance

02-28-2010, 11:09 AM
OK, I am new to the forum so please bear with me. I have played around with the BS2 and know a bit about it and programming in PBasic. I have a project in mind but am not sure if it is possible to do with the BS2 or not. What I want to do is create a device to send power/data to IP cameras, etc. I have been looking at Power Over Ethernet modules and have found that I actually need to use a PSE module, but just not sure which one. I am pretty savvy with electronics if I have diagrams in front of me, but am limited in actually creating it myself. My intention is to utilize the BS2 for power/data and also for a web browser to configure cameras on the spot. The device would be able to send the POE and then will connect to a monitor (that portion not quite figured out yet.) to program and view the camera. Does this make sense to anyone and if so, can you help me out?

02-28-2010, 01:00 PM
You could use the stamp to automate the steps but all the work will have to be done with other devices. When you have some parts you want to connect they will have to be switch driven or take commands over a serial link to use the stamp to control them.

- Stephen