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10-27-2009, 03:59 PM
Hi all Starting to try multibank programming,created 3 files & when do syntax check get this error
EXPECTED "}",CAN NOT SPECIFY PROJECT FILES OUTSIDE OF PROJECT PROGRAM0 ( upper case for exact error box dialogue ).
files attached ,they are blank except for header lines.
if you close any of the three they all close & open in same way ???
anyone know what i am doing wrong.

Regards Adrian

10-27-2009, 06:51 PM
Just put the list of programs in the slot 0 program.

Tom Sisk


10-28-2009, 07:06 AM

Currently you have the following on your main program:
' {$STAMP BS2p,PaddlesV2Slot0.bsp,PaddlesV2Slot1.bsp,Paddles V2Slot2.bsp}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

Try changing it to this.
' {$STAMP BS2p,PaddlesV2Slot1.bsp,PaddlesV2Slot2.bsp}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

You will have the slot 0 program as a standard BASIC Stamp directive, and the other slots as the file name. Here is a article that should also help with programming across multiple slots.

Also, in the other 2 programs you can use the standard BASIC Stamp directives.
' {$STAMP BS2p}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

Multi-slot Programming:
Nuts & Volts Volume: 3 [ article 87 ]

I hope this helps,


Joshua Donelson
www.parallax.com (http://www.parallax.com)