View Full Version : servo control via 433 mhz rf transceiver code

Let's Go!
10-27-2009, 06:36 AM
i am not a programmer but can often deduce. but for some reason parallax misses the market and point by not giving examples of real world action. it's nice to debug, but i just want to put my·servo into a subroutine once the rx gets the tx msg.

can anyone take me from their example of debug, and instead turn on an led or move my servo, once the tx code is rcvd by the rx?

thanks again, jim··

10-27-2009, 08:04 AM
Let's start off with what you've tried and then we can go from there.

- Stephen

Mike Green
10-27-2009, 10:43 AM
The question you're asking (or the answer you're wanting) isn't as simple as you think it is and there isn't one answer. There's no standard way to communicate over the 433MHz transceivers. They just act as noisy, somewhat unreliable wires. Turning an LED on and off is a simple task, but how you do that may depend on what other things you want to do. Similarly, you could have a standard servo or a continuous motion servo and how you control it might depend on what else you're trying to do.

Parallax provides sample code for transmitting small amounts of arbitrary data with error checking via their transceivers. You can communicate the on/off setting of an LED or the pulse width to use for servo control or any other data. They even provide another code example for two-way communication. It's up to you to take that example along with other code and make it do what you want.

You need to learn how to program. Start with the "What's a Microcontroller?" tutorial and the "Robotics with the BoeBot" tutorial from Parallax's Download webpage. The examples in these tutorials and in the Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual are "real world". They deal with switches and LEDs and servos. They provide the pieces you need to construct the overall program you'll need to do what you want.