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10-24-2009, 07:29 AM
I have a Boe-Bot using a EB500 which I am trying to connect to a Propeller Driven EasyBT as a remote control: I use the following code where the address in the con is the EasyBT address. I cannot get the EB500 to connect to the EasyBT.

PAUSE 1000 'WAIT FOR the eb500 radio TO be ready
'Connect to the remote device
SEROUT SendPin ,84,["con 00:17:a0:01:57:3b",CR]
SERIN ReceivePin,84,[WAIT("ACK",CR)]
'Wait for the connection to be established and switch to data mode
IF IN5 = 0 THEN WaitForConnection

I also wrote a routine to list visible bluetooth devices and the EB500 does see the EasyBT but does not connect.

szData VAR Byte(20)
'Wait for the eb500 radio to be ready
PAUSE 1000

'Get local Bluetooth Addresses
SEROUT 1,84,["lst visible",CR]

'Read the local address from the get command
SERIN 0,84,[STR szData\17]
SERIN 0,84,[WAIT(CR,">")]
szData(17) = 0
DEBUG "Local addresses: ",STR szData\17,CR

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10-24-2009, 08:48 AM

I have found that the eb500 has some issues. I'd try searching the more related BOE/Robot forums for some help with the eb500. I finally got my eb500 to work
with windows after 4 days of aggravation, Only to find it did not have the range I needed.

Parallax supposedly has a WiFi gimmick coming out early next year. This is what I'm waiting on. WiFi

From what I here, This is being engineered in house at Parallax with a dedicated engineer on the project so it should work pretty good when released.

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Bill Chennault
10-24-2009, 11:21 AM

Basically, what $WMc% said.

I have both the eb500, purchased from Parallax, and the eb501, purchased from A7 Engineering which manufactured both. It is impossible to get support from A7, although in the early days I managed to get a bit, but very, very slowly. On the other hand, Parallax always provided excellent support for the eb500 I bought from them. (I do not think they offer it or support it now, though. Could be wrong on the latter.)

Like $WMc% mentioned, I too am waiting on the WiFi module. I believe it will add an entire magnitude of capabilities to our Stamp-based machines as it will open the door to a real computing environment which is vastly different than a microcontroller environment. I believe the WiFi module will make Stamps ever more popular as the problem of computational intensive navigation and decision making can be off-loaded to a machine designed to handle such tasks while the microcontroller handles the low-level decisions and the I/O.

Sounds like an unbeatable combination to me.


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