View Full Version : DC-DC isolated power supplies/ AC Drive/ VFD (Volts/Herts with current feed bac

07-16-2009, 08:13 AM
I've decided to use an opto-isolated integrated drive (AVAGO ACNW3190-000E_ND) to fire up my IGBTs. I'm still in the dark as to which DC-DC power supplies to put on the IGBT side of the optos. For initial experiments I'm trying hard to keep costs down to the beer budget. The Ideal isolated supply, if it exists, would have one DC input and six isolated DC output pairs to drive supply the opto-drives. The part listed can deliver a whopping five amps to the IGBT so overcoming capacitance during the On would be easy. The small IGBTs I have for bench experiments don't have to have -10 volts to keep them from doing a latch-up due to high dv/dt effects. I know some of the big modules have to be taken negative to reliably turn off-and-stay-off. Other integrated opto drives for this application have fault feed-back but I won't have to go that far for bench experiments.
Please feel free to suggest sources of these parts that you may be familiar with. It looks like the LED input of the optos can be driven directly from a Propeller pin.