View Full Version : How many people are working on FAT32? [8^)

07-07-2009, 08:15 AM
Hi, All.

For a while now I've been interested in MMC/SD/SDHC access in general, and FAT32 in specific. Tom Rokicki and I decided to collaborate on an updated rev of fsrw, where I'm taking on the block layer, and Tom is updating the fsrw code to handle FAT32:

localroger seems to be working on a version as well (in fact, from his hints his effort predates ours [8^) :

And, most recently, Kye has announced his project:

So, my 2 basic questions:
1) anybody else working on FAT32??
2) can all these groups help each other out?

Obviously I can't answer #1, but regarding #2, Tom and I have a sourceforge project at fsrw.sf.net (http://fsrw.sf.net). There is Mercurial repository there for anyone to browse at their leisure. The basic things we are working on:
- MMC/SD/SDHC support (working)
- multiblock access mode (working: raw speed ~0.8MB/s reads, faster writes)
- FAT16 & FAT32 support (alpha level, working on integrating the two)
- a few bug fixes (empty file bug)
- seeking (alpha)
- directories (not done yet)
- multiple files open (not done yet)
- various other things [8^)

Please let me know if we can help you out, or vice versa! (Kye, feel free to use our block layer!)

OK, back to coding!

Piranha are people too.