View Full Version : New tool. (for me)

07-05-2009, 02:25 AM
I started using stamps about five years ago when I needed an on board controler for a sorting system carrage. TheˇBS2 worked well for this application but there were problems. Not with the stamp, with the support equipment.ˇDragging a cart around with a desktop computerˇon it, up and down stairways to service a three story high piece of equipment was not the answer. I switched to a laptop but an 8ˇpound laptop was not the answer but it was an impovement. The problem with it was the need to be plugged in all the time. My latest tool is an EEE PC 900. I got one, (On Woot for $149) upgraded the ram, and the SSD, I installed Windows XP Pro (full install) Office 2007 (full install) and the latest Parallax software. It works great and best of all I can carry it and a notebook around in my coat pocket all day. The only other equipment I had to get was the Parallax serial converter. No problems there. My life has been simplified and my job made easyer. Sure i still do programing at my desk on the big desktop but for field work the little guy can not be beat. I like it much better than the TI-85 i used up until a couple years ago (It took a two story fall onto concrete). I had to write a basic program and an assembly language routine to use that one and it was never more than basicly a plug in reciever for the stamps information. This is much better.