View Full Version : Pb with bit status in Vinculum ( write SPI mode )

07-01-2009, 09:58 PM

I Use the VDIP1 of FTDI
I configure in SPI mode

I have a problem when I want write on the vinculum
The status bit ( on the line SPI Data Out ) is alway to '1'

I have write the code in C

unsigned int io_miso;···
spi_unselectChip(VNC1L_SPI, GLOB_VNC1L_chip_sel_code);···· // CS=0
spi_selectChip(VNC1L_SPI, GLOB_VNC1L_chip_sel_code );··· // CS=1
//WRITE W/ + ADD + 8bit_data + 1clk
spi_write(VNC1L_SPI, write_13);···· // ecriture des 13 bits
}while((spi_writeEndCheck(VNC1L_SPI) & BIT0) != BIT0);
#ifndef Debug
io_miso=gpio_input_and_read_gpio_pin(AVR32_PIN_PA2 5);
if (io_miso==0)
}while( io_miso != 0); // Modif bpo vinculum remplacement de A14 par A25

The io_miso = 1 alway

Have you an explanation ?

Thank you

07-02-2009, 12:09 AM
There's no need to post multiple threads about the same problem, and looking at the code and your last thread(s), I assume you're not using the propeller (so it shouldn't be posted in the Propeller forum). This forum is for topics related to the Parallax Propeller chip. From the code, it looks like you're using an AVR? If so, you would likely get more help on an AVR forum. The link to the SPI VNC1L object for the Propeller in the obex I posted in the other thread may help explain what you're seeing.