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03-19-2009, 11:06 PM
creation of Andre LaMothe similar to the XGameStation. Like the XGameStation, HYDRA is an open system, allowing anyone to create games for it. However, being less focused on teaching electronics and more about homebrew games, the HYDRA uses a more complex and powerful CPU - the recently released Parallax Propeller processing unit, which has eight 32 bit RISC CPUs called COG's with 32KB built in RAM and 32KB built in ROM.
The HYDRA Game Development Kit has the following specifications:

* Propeller CPU at 160 MIPS, (80 MHz, 20 Mips per cog) 8 PIC like CPU cores each with 496 32 bit words of workspace plus a shared 32K RAM and 32K ROM
* 128K serial EEPROM
* two NES Compatible Game Ports
* one USB Programming port
* one Serial Port or second USB port
* two PS/2 Compliant Ports for Mouse and Keyboard.
* one NTSC or PAL Video Output or alternatively one VGA Video Output
* one mono Audio output
* one 20-Pin Expansion Interface connector
* one RJ-11 Peer to Peer Networking Port

The Hydra also comes with the large book (800+ pages) "Game programming for the propeller powered HYDRA", a CD with extensive software including demo games and a second book by LaMothe, a keyboard, a mouse, a NES keypad, USB and audio/video cables, a 128K "memory card", an experimenter card and a power supply.

The system can be programmed as the target of a PC-hosted IDE or through locally hosted programming languages. Tiny BASIC is included with the system, and the FORTH language is also available. Of course the Hydra can also be programmed in assembler, and in the Propeller's own built in Spin programming language.