View Full Version : RGB screen?

Spork Frog
03-19-2009, 03:53 AM
Composite video always seems to be the most commonly used thing by the Propeller. And why not? It's simple enough to generate and compatible with almost any display on the market.

However, quality a lot of the time will suffer, due to the nature of the signal; getting a perfectly sharp image out of composite is pretty difficult all in all.

VGA is nice, but the timing requirements are stricter and much faster to the point where getting much of anything done between waitvid instructions (sprite processing, tile maps, etc.) is difficult, if not in some cases impossible.

Does there exist an RGB screen that has a reasonable resolution and refresh rate but has timing characteristics similar to NTSC? I know that many popular screens will take RGB composite, including the PS1 screen. I also believe the Amiga display was similar. Ideas?