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03-17-2009, 01:50 AM
I am wondering if it would be worth it to try this: If·I stuck a vga driver and a·keyboard driver together, made it so it saved the input onto a flashdrive, and on command loaded it into·a cog, using another cog to interpret it, could·I program and run programs from the propeller itself? -- Just a Thought...

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03-17-2009, 02:33 AM
Have you looked at femtobasic?

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03-17-2009, 02:44 AM
Ehm ... the Spin language is said to be interpreted, but you should not mix it up with interpreting languages used on PCs like PHP or Pearl. In PHP or Pearl (or others) you really give the interpreter the source-file. But there the interpreter is doing more: it's also parsing the file. Usually you don't have a problem with huge source-files on PCs and parsing does not take to long. On the propeller we have an issue with RAM and the parsing is already done in the PropellerTool. The output of this parsing is a bytecode which is loaded to the Prop. That's why the PropellerTool is also called the Spin compiler.
So besides writing an editor which allows comfortable source-file editing you would have to write your own compiler which runs on the propeller.

I would like to have the development-environment on a prop too, but that'll be a lot of work.

03-17-2009, 03:27 AM
Processing Data... What you are proposing is a lot more complex than that. As Baggers said, take a look at FemtoBasic which I think uses PropDOS - I have to look at this myself (read on...)

MagIO2: That is no longer true. We only require a propeller compiler. We have PropDOS, an editor, VT100 terminal emulator, memory (SRAM and SD/microSD), etc. It is just putting this all together and we will have a full Propeller SBC (Single Board Computer) - see my recent thread on the Propeller SBC using my TriBladeProp - it is functional and I am putting the pieces of code together now. As I said, the only piece missing is the Prop based compiler.

Heater is working on a Z80 emulator with CP/M which is pretty much working and we are now ready to add that to the TriBladeProp which has cheap 1MByte SRAM and microSD socket. This will give us the full 64KB RAM/ROM plus some RAM disk and huge microSD hard disk emulation and CP/M. There are other "retro-computer" emulations on the horizon also.

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Oldbitcollector (Jeff)
03-17-2009, 03:36 AM
Ah propeller-based single board computer, the holy grail of propeller computing. :)

For the record, PropDOS borrowed heavily from FemtoBASIC for it's abilities to
interact with the SD and spin up binary files.

We lack a multipass propeller-based spin compiler, however it is possible now
create BASIC programs in Femto and even drop into a full-screen editor
to edit them. Wouldn't take much to combine the two programs. :)

Yes, a lot has been done by many, but there is more to do.


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03-17-2009, 03:57 AM
Cluso99: Wasn't aware of an editor running on the propeller. Nice. I wonder if it is possible to compile SPIN on the fly. Good old Commodore 64 converted the Basic into bytecode immediately. But I expect SPIN to be a bit more complex. Need to have a look into the bytecode stuff I got from the PropWiki.

Having a PropDev-Board with a head mounted display would truely be good for my daily train-trip to work ;o)