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Marc Gebauer
01-25-2009, 02:55 PM
I had·the use for a serial driver that would do 38400 BAUD, 8 bit, even·parity and would'nt use a cog. I didn't need full duplex operation, so I played around with Simple_Serial.

Here it is. I call it Fast_Simple_Serial. I have tested send and receive·from 300·to 38400 BAUD with no-parity, even-parity, and odd-parity. Note, the receiver ignores the parity bit.

I have added a Demo object that was written for the Propellor Demo Board·which sends and receives to and from the USB FTDI Serial Port and is intended to·connect·with Hyperterminal. Basically when you type on the keyboard in Hyperterminal, the keys are echo'd back.

Please check out the·tx and·rx routines to·let me know if you see a problem or an improvement. Also, I would·like to have someone check out the accuracy of my clock cycle overhead counts, in the init section, and tell me if they can be tightened up.

When everyone is happy I will post it on the object exchange.



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