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01-23-2009, 04:23 AM
I am using the following code to communicate serially with the propeller. It, of course, includes Extended_FD_Serial

Is it OK to include only the portions of FD_Serial and Extended_FD_Serial that are used in the application?

And finally, to the question I originally wanted to know... I want the serial communication to occur in a new cog so that I can use a different cog to do something else . How do I figure how much stack space to allot to the new cog?

I know there was a portion of one of the manuals that addressed that, but I didn't really understand it, and this seems to be much more complicated than the examples.

I just arbitrarily set it at 40, which seems to work. If I were to just keep decreasing it to just above the point that the serial comms didn't work, would that be sufficient?

SER : "Extended_FDSerial"

'place to put recieved transmission
long MyVariable

' to run new cog
long Stack[40]

' spin stamp
'_CLKMODE = XTAL1 + PLL4X ' clock speed too low = 1X=10Mhz
'_XINFREQ = 10_000_000
' non-spin stamp
_CLKMODE = XTAL1 + PLL8X ' clock speed too high = 80Mhz
_XINFREQ = 5_000_000

PUB Main
cognew (Serial, @Stack)

Pub Serial
'handle serial transmissions



ser.str(string("Communication with propeller", $0D))

waitcnt(10_000 + cnt)


outa[15] := 0
MyVariable :=ser.rxDec
outa[17..21] :=MyVariable

Paul Baker
01-23-2009, 04:55 AM
You can safely remove methods which are not used directly or by called methods. The compiler with throw an error if there is still a reference to a removed method which will indicate a dependency, replace the referenced method to get it functional again.

The stack question was asked (and answered) a couple days ago, check page 2, thread titled "Stack (Spin & PASM)" started by ImmNek.

Paul Baker (mailto:pbaker@parallax.com)

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