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09-19-2008, 12:45 PM
·I will be·designing a·robot for class, and I'm trying to come up with recommendations or ideas·on·what microcontrollers·and sensors I should use. I want it·to be able to sense objects near it and move around them.

and what do you·guys think about the SX chips?


09-19-2008, 04:37 PM
Sensing objects and moving around them is a fairly simple task so I'd say stick with the good old inexpensive BS2. I've never played with the SX chip at all, so I'm not aware of the differences, but for typical techniques like you're going for the Basic Stamp 2.

Detecting objects and moving around them is a task that allows you the freedom to use almost any type of sensor out there - I like using two or four infrared sensors for object detection. The sonic PING sensor is really nice too and it's easy to convert that data into actual distances if you want to do that. Infrared and sonic detection are collision avoidance sensing types, but you can go with a collision sensing system like contacts and 'whisker' touch sensors or small switches that act as bumpers.

I would think that most people would like to stick with the collision avoidance sensing so their robots don't run into everything all the time, and the infrared receivers and transmitters are pretty cheap so that's a good way to go.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't comment on the SX chip for you.


John Bond
09-19-2008, 06:12 PM
Look, I use the SX quite a bit. I had to program a BS2p last week and battled because I'm so used to the SX48 proto-board and the SX/B programming language... but the Stamps Basic programming language is more forgiving and much quicker to learn. The Stamp's debug function, which is NOT implemented on the SX is a life-saver when you're learning what the heck is going on "under the hood".

I would recommend doing a couple of projects with the Stamp (they are reusable, some of mine are on their 4th project) then moving on to the SX, Propeller or some other esoteric microprocessor that catches your fancy.

This advice only applies if you’re NOt a nerd with thick pebble lensed glasses, no social life and an IQ in excess of 240.

Kind regards from the Dark Continent - South Africa

John Bond