View Full Version : Helen C and Bluetooth: Sanity Saved!

Bill Chennault
09-06-2008, 10:44 PM

You saved my sanity!

Many people tutored and mentored me in my attempt to get VB6.0 to communicate with my eb500 and eb501. I got "Hello World" up and running after considerable effort due to my own hardheadedness. However, having the Stamp send to the VB/laptop was far less than half the battle.

What I really wanted to do was create a digital remote control using Bluetooth. Therefore, VB had to talk to the Stamp. (Having the Stamp talk to VB helps, too.)

I have had very little time--perhaps a few hours--in front of the keyboard trying to make this work. ("Little time" relative to when you sent me the simple code that was exactly what I wanted.)

Today, I made VB turn on a BOE mounted LED!

The rest·will be a piece of cake (ha, ha, ha!). That LED could just as easily have been the dc motor on my lawn mower . . . and it will be along with navigation and everything else. I should be able to write the beta code in·several days; my time . . . in other words, it will probably be·November.·This will give me the rest of the winter to test the code on Ugly Buster and refine it. As soon as Ugly Buster likes the Stamp code and I like the VB GUI, I will go out to the shop and crank the mill up.

Should be cutting grass and watching it on the big screen above the fireplace via a mower-mounted web cam as I relax in my easy chair and suck down a long-neck!

Thank you, Helen!


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