View Full Version : Parallax Servo Controller need more I/O

08-30-2008, 01:33 PM
I ran out of Outputs on my BS2e - so I got a Servo Controller· and moved my servos there - I have run out again but have spare outputs on the Servo Controller - can I use these as normal outputs to control a 5v relay or Leds and if so what code would I use ·

08-30-2008, 08:07 PM
The servo controller can only control servos or devices that operate with pulse width control.

08-31-2008, 09:28 AM
Thanks for your help - it is a pity the servo control board is not more flexible -
so i am back to the drawing board to find some more outputs

Mike Green
08-31-2008, 09:35 AM
There are several Nuts and Volts Columns on expanding the I/O capability of the Stamp. The simplest is to use a 74HC595 serial shift register. It requires 3 I/O pins and provides 8 outputs and is cascadable (add 8 more I/O pins with another 74HC595 without using more I/O pins).

08-31-2008, 09:47 AM
yes I have already got one 74HC595 on the board looks like I will have to put another one on in - thanks Mike

09-01-2008, 02:41 AM
im lovin the 74hc595 went from using all 16 I/0s to just 6.. opens up alot of pins for bells and whistles.. now istead of needing 3 more i have 10 extras!!!