View Full Version : anyone using stamps in offgrid living

08-08-2008, 12:40 AM
is there anyone here, living offgrid, that works with the bs2?

i can find several folks all over the place doing offgrid stuff, such as genset autostarts
solar controllers, etc
but all seem to love working with the pic chips

i don't wanna learn pic coding, i like the bs2 and pbasic!

be nice to know of anyone that has a similar interest.


bob g

08-08-2008, 02:27 AM
The stamp family will work fine in those applications.

Just let the forum know what you need and you'll get lots of help.

I'm not off-grid but have done genset auto starts, remote control and wireless data gathering.


Tom Sisk


08-08-2008, 03:14 AM

thanks i am aware that the stamp products work exceptionally well :)
i like em!

what i have been trying to do is locate a couple of other like minded folks to
collaborate with so to speak.

most of the folks i have come across so far are into pic's and assembly language
and try to do way too much with far to little hardware for my likeing.
which of course mandates jillions of lines of code.

but i digress.

ideally i am looking for someone that has an interest in offgrid living, which requires
gensets, solar, wind, hydro power generation, batteries and load managment.

if you are that sort of guy, or know someone that is, let me know.

the hope is to develop a marketable finished product down the road, but to start
i am setting up an R&D company to do the development.

this is low budget, (read that no budget) proposition that is privately funded (my hip pocket)
but, should the product prove successful then there would be an even distribution of the profits on
the sale of the units.

some form of agreement would have to be hammered out before hand of course, and i have no problem with that.

at this point however that is putting the cart before the horse,, right now i am just trying to find out if there is
someone that might be interested in such a project.

hopefully this is not the wrong forum for this post? if so
mr. admin delete it, please.

bob g

08-09-2008, 07:15 AM
i guess the short answer is a "no"

thats cool, just thought i would test the waters and see if anyone
else was working in this area with the stamp controllers

thanks guys

bob g

09-02-2008, 05:01 AM
Well, give me a couple of years.....

I got on here a long time ago. Priorities changed, had to attend to other things. Now for whatever reason, I've re-kindled my enthusiasm.

BTW, I have not purchased any kind of stamp, so I'm starting from scratch. Am I being helpful?....not at all. But, I homestead on-the-grid right now, headed your way. Your kind of projects are what i'm heading towards. Wish I had something to offer you.

"Endeavour to persevere"...Cheif Dan George, Ballad of Josie Wales.....there's alot here, isn't there?

Also.....I used to be one of those 'see how much I can program in assembly in 0K space and make it do great things' type. I'm going with a Basic stamp me thinks.

Hope to see you around the forum...later.