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05-05-2008, 07:12 PM

I've been doing some spring cleaning and came across a box of LOGO programming books which are still in mint condition and have never been read. It is a vintage Apple LOGO for kids book by TAB #1728. Although the book was written for LOGO on the Apple this is a nice reference book to have on hand. Some of the example programs may be useful for those of you that are using the Hydra LOGO. It can be a great introduction for kids to start learning how to program.

If any of you would like one just send me a PM. I'm looking to get $2.95 a copy plus shipping. Attached is a picture of the book.

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Paul Baker
06-28-2008, 05:16 AM
Sadly I fear modern kids have become so expectant of wiz-bang'ness of computer programs, that LOGO can't hold thier attention like it did when I was thier age learning BASIC and LOGO in 5th grade. I was talking with a friend's kid this last weekend who is very interested in computers, but has a pretty bad case of ADD that he is unable to learn the traditional "teach them BASIC" method. I tried to explain LOGO to him and he just didn't see the point of making a triangle move around the screen. Fortunately·with a little searching I found Alice and Squeak, which are a modern reinterpretation of LOGO where kids can create stories. He is now happily learning to make a car he drew move around the screen (yeah I know "what's the difference between making a triangle move vs a car", but it kept the attention of an ADD kid).

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Oldbitcollector (Jeff)
06-28-2008, 05:31 PM

I have run into this myself, both with my own children and in the classroom.
One of the first programs I ever learned (around age 12) was on the TRS80,M1.
(The illustrations in that book were awesome to a 12 year old!)
The program involved creating a moving bar back and forth on the screen.
It blew me away to make a computer do that...

Kids nowdays expect special effects level events to happen with very little work.
My own kids thought it was nuts to flash two leds back and forth, but actually
thought the robot was kinda cool. (Still working on the 14 year old, at least
hes agreed come come to the Propeller Expo for a good luck at the Propeller.)


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