View Full Version : Connecting Bluetooth to HID device

Keith D
05-01-2008, 06:01 PM

I am looking at connecting my Propeller to a BlueTooth HID device so that I can use the HID device to remotely control the propeller, and I wondered if anyone has any experience of doing this?

Basically I want to connect a WiiMote, which means the Propeller must act as a master and must be able to use the HID protocol. Unfortunatly most of the bluetooth devices available seem to be serial replacements, usb based or slave devices and I cannot establish if the HID protocol sits on top of a serial connection (though I speculate it does not).

I did wonder about connecting a bluetooth USB dongle to the propeller, but from other posts this does not seem practical, and would require an FTDI master chip. So unless someone has any information to the contrary I won't be exploring that option!

If anyone can offer any assistance with this it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you