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T Chap
04-27-2008, 01:51 AM
Hi guys

I have a project with the Prop connected to a VNC1L for two different purposes.

One, I used the Vmusic2 (VNC1L>VS1003) schematic to manage some sound effects and voice feedback. This will playback mp3's from a thumb drive. The user can update FX and voice prompts by downloading new ones from my site for the product, so it will be easy for them to just DL the files, drag to the MP3, update the Props eeprom afterwards to deal with any changes and new files.

Second, the user will be able to DL from my site a new software for the Prop, and the plan is to simply drag the file to a thumb drive, and after placing the drive back on the PCB, and with some minimal buttons and an LCD, the user can replace the EEPROM's program.

Well this is the theory anyway. I think that it is possible to replace the EEPROM content while the Prop is running, then restart? There are 2 EEPROM's, but I was going to use the second for the projects settings.

The Vmusic2 section uses simple Tx, and RX, although currently I have CTS and RTS connected to the Prop as well( They are not req'd for use playing the mp3's on this project).

The big question is will I be able to transfer the new EEPROM data from the drive using just Rx and TX without the CTS and RTS lines. I could use the pins so otherwise I'd leave them.

There is a jumper on on the PCb to switch between SPI and UART, I could change modes for data transfer if SPI were the best solution to data transfer using the same pins. I am new to SPI and the VNC1l, so this is foreign territory.

Just thinking out loud.

Any suggestions welcome.

Mike Green
04-27-2008, 03:42 AM
You can read and write to attached EEPROM using I2C routines from the Propeller Object Exchange. Use "i2cObjectV2" or "Basic I2c Driver". You can read fixed length blocks from the VMusic2, then write them to EEPROM and repeat for each block in the file. If UART mode works for you, there's no need to switch to SPI.

T Chap
04-27-2008, 03:48 AM
That is good news.

I was just reading the Vdip material looking at using the same setup with SPI or Serial, using the same 4 pins. But, as speed is not a critical issue, I see no reason to go to the hassle of switching modes. So I will drop the extra pins and leave it serial only.