View Full Version : System UnauthorizedAccessException for distant COMport

01-30-2008, 03:32 PM
I have :
*on one side, a robot with a Propeller connected via COM6 to a· UMPC with a Webserver· (Windows XP)
*on another side,· a desktop PC with a "Client"· program to send commands through the Webserver
*using SOAP (which I dont know well )
The connection seems to work to exchange some strings between the 2 PC, but access to COM ports on the UMPC is denied.
When the C# program on the Server tryes to send messages to the propeller via a USB/serial cable
I get a "System UnauthorizedAccessException" on COM6
Windows dont like it ! Some security lock ?
A Google search did not give· usefull answer.
It is not a Propeller problem, but I hope somebody here knows how to get authorized Access to distant Comports.
Thanks for help.