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01-16-2008, 05:53 AM
Many of you that frequent the propeller forum only might not be aware that we are doing a new book on the HYDRA·(and propeller chip)·about advanced graphics and audio programming. It will be·a collaboration book with many authors.·I will serve as the development/series editor and nurve will produce the book.·Currently we have about 5-6 authors, but would like 15+ before we start. Authors will be paid a 15% split of the net income. Each chapter an author writes counts as one share of the 15%. Its all outlined in this post on the HYDRA forum:


Some quick details about the project:

1. The idea of the book is to show off how to do advanced graphics and audio on the HYDRA, the articles should be tutorial in nature and be similar to "tricks" or "pearls" or really cool things. Lots of figures, imagery, a complete demo of the technology, etc.·Of course articles that takes special advantage of the HYDRA's memory card etc. are appreciated, but not required. That said, the book is really about the propeller chip at its fundamental level, so the demos should run if possible on both the HYDRA and the propeller demo board with a couple constants changed. That said, if you do NOT have a hydra, but want to write still, you can do that as long as you verify the code will work on HYDRA and from the reader's point of view the hydra was the main platform. The idea is we want people with other propeller boards to be able to use most of the code as well. But, if you have a killer demo that requires the 512K card then that's a good reason for the reader to buy a HYDRA!

2. Parallax has commited to collaborating on the project with Nurve and the first 10 authors that complete and submit their materials all 100% ready for print will be given a $250 bonus WHEN the book prints. So this is a little incentive and to make the project competitive a little bit get authors to finish their work in a reasonable amount of time. Authors will still of course get their royalty share from the sales of the book.

3. We will probably start working on the book at the end of the month. So if you're interested in being part of the project, just email me at ceo@nurve.net (mailto:ceo@nurve.net) and or leave a note here on in the sticky thread in the hydra forum.