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  1. Which set of holes are electrically connected?
  2. Driver was texting - 2 killed, 38 injured
  3. Calculating Resistor Size and Wattage
  4. Parallax Smart Card Pin Out
  5. 4-H Robotics projects
  6. Electromagnet Power Transistor versus Relay
  7. And a Happy Birthday to George Sutton
  8. Book Scanner
  9. Android-ready ARM mini-HTPC costs $130, uses just three Watts
  10. Now I know why the Ardunio is popular...
  11. SOPA... We must stop it!
  12. New Stratolaunch plane will take people into Earth’s orbit
  13. Questions about QTI Sensor ...
  14. Chatter Revamping my website... Any opinions?
  15. Alexander Graham Bell recordings played from 1880s
  16. Chatter More Birthdays Ron Czapala and pogertt
  17. Chatter Latest Shiny Thing
  18. Chatter Salvaged Stepper Motor from scanner driven by a BS2 (video)
  19. Chatter Entertaining Cover Version
  20. Christmas LED fun (push fit pcb)
  21. Anyone going to CES show in January 2012?
  22. Chatter A while back ... seach fail. shoulder mounted projector turn any surface into tablet
  23. Unsolved Dissolving Enamel from Magnet Wire?
  24. Camera - trillion frames per second
  25. Chatter A new camera that allows you to focus after the photo is taken
  26. 50 in 1 Kit for ~$10?
  27. Chatter Happy Birthday John R.
  28. $75 Nook Simple Touch 2 GB
  29. Chatter The Truth About the New Light Bulb Law - DEFUNDED
  30. Chatter RBB4 Beats Out Arduino in Robots.net Christmas top 10
  31. Automotive Circuit Digrams
  32. Holiday planning tip: have your parts handy for your favorite project!
  33. stealth drone gps hacked
  34. Chatter Merry Kramer to You
  35. Presentation Research!
  36. Blog this post ? What is it?
  37. Chatter What are some good gifts for the wife?
  38. Chatter Wanted to say thanks to those who have helped.
  39. Unsolved TRIAC failures
  40. Propeller wins yet again.
  41. Chatter Happy Birthday chris jones!
  42. urgent help
  43. Chatter Hover Boards...
  44. Questions about the speakjet
  45. Chatter price of servos
  46. Hacked the Li-ion Battery Pack / Charger
  47. Gadget Gangster has reduced the price of their Propeller Platform USB
  48. MSR1 Board
  49. Unsolved DAQ PAC data logging project by Ryan David
  50. gift certificates - how to redeem them?
  51. robot wish list:
  52. SD Card reliability (again)
  53. Chatter How renewable energy may be Edison's revenge
  54. Quick Connect for wires (Spring terminals)
  55. Seeing through 8" concrete
  56. Chatter OpenMoko WikiReader: Now With Programming
  57. Crowdfunding legislation gains wide support by US government
  58. Chatter A quick comparison of 32-bit RISC CPUs.
  59. Low cost test equipment for the home work bench
  60. Plastic Fiber Optic Cable -- Looking for Source
  61. Brainlink
  62. Chatter S2 Ornament
  63. Chatter Did you write any code last month?
  64. Wooden Precursor to a CNC machine
  65. $20 Car HD Radio Add-On
  66. Unsolved Is it possible to write in the the transmit window pane using push buttons?
  67. Hard to find electronics? Try here
  68. Chatter Happy Birthday Turnbull2112
  69. Can Parallax serial lcd be converted to parallel?
  70. How I Spent my Christmas Vacation...
  71. Sun-Believable! Paint-on Solar Cells
  72. Merry Christmas to all Parallax Employees
  73. Another set of New Zealand earthquakes 23 Dec 2011
  74. Looking for simple inexpensive way to weigh
  75. meowry shrimpmas everywun!
  76. Chatter Happy Birthday Chris Savage!!
  77. Well, it's a good thing I posted the LCD hack
  78. New to the forums: Boe Bot a good way to learn VB?
  79. Chatter Christmas Present
  80. Simple Stepper Motor controller?
  81. Parallax web page - Christmas Theme
  82. Parallax Website Error
  83. Propeller / BS2 websites that contain usefull and current projects?
  84. Chatter Consider a year-end donation to Wikipedia
  85. HB-25 Communication Timeout mode
  86. Chatter Best use for Hot Wheels Track
  87. Chatter Linux powered toy
  88. C threading
  89. Chatter 60's Movie Robot
  90. Chatter Instructable article - How to Obtain and Extract Americium...
  91. Solar Powered Coke Fetching Robot - Advice Please
  92. Chatter A link for PhiPi, on a SDR, maybe you've already seen it.
  93. Small tools to get the job done.
  94. Unsolved Is it possible to write in the the transmit window pane using push buttons?
  95. Pretty Quiet Around Here!
  96. Chatter Electronics Songs
  97. How do we add pushbuttons to create a password?
  98. Chatter Happy Birthday Buck Rogers!
  99. Parallax Site Map Page
  100. Grrrr!! 40 pin DIP sockets are too short.
  101. Chatter Drinking and Driving this New Years Eve... Get a free Tow from AAA
  102. The world now has 3 GPS systems
  103. $12 Color LCD Display
  104. 14500 Lithium batteries - same size as AA (nearly)
  105. $25 computer....
  106. 1930's Movie Actress Patented Spread Spectrum
  107. Parallax to be closed Monday - surprise for team and apology to customers!
  108. Chatter SOPA (again) and how it would affect Parallax
  109. Accurate positioning of an autonomous forklift
  110. Need help with Boe-Bot coding terms
  111. What's Become of Old man Earl ??
  112. how universal can a motordriver (stepper, servo, Ac-asynchronous) be?
  113. Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia
  114. How do we find the correct resistance for a component
  115. Happy New Year from Chigasaki, Japan
  116. Happy New Year from Singapore
  117. BCD control via serial
  118. Robot Party
  119. Forum Members Defy All Odds
  120. Chatter Five !! Birthdays Today!!
  121. Happy New Year from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  122. Interested in Boe Bot
  123. New Propeller Chip Announced
  124. I need help finding a size 13 / 3E bicycle shoe
  125. Solved An ISO file...what do I do with it?
  126. looking for a laser diode
  127. go staight using BS2px
  128. wireless usb regulation problem.
  129. Cmucam3 - where to buy?
  130. Solved Needed: some way to seal electronics inside heat shrink tubing up to 250 degrees F.
  131. Ultimate (?) Useless Machine
  132. One-Atom-Tall Wires Could Extend Life of Moore's Law
  133. My Eyes are UP HERE, Big Boy
  134. Clock Doorbell
  135. Forum Heater help!
  136. Need opinions on a product I have been selling
  137. Chatter Here's an idea for a new video game
  138. increasing low speed resolution of palallax position controller
  139. Looking for a digital isolator IC
  140. Parallax Expo combines with UPEW
  141. Boe bot Program files
  142. What is better than a ULN2803?
  143. looking for consultant
  144. Chatter Animating and Moving Sprites?
  145. Overclocking: What makes it limited?
  146. Random access to a stack of physical cards
  147. Chatter Anybody know about this? cognimem
  148. Quad Core Smart Phone
  149. Great ISS/Moon Photo
  150. BOE Header connector?
  151. Samsung touts Super OLED as Sony quits the business
  152. NASA Workmanship Standards
  153. Chatter Has anyone tried any of the cheap DS1820 Dallas Temp sensors from China on e-Bay?
  154. Super Solenoid (Sans Spring) Sale: Sub-Seventy Cents! Stock Up!
  155. ping ultrasonic ranging sounds and the cat
  156. Solved Push Button timer coundown need help
  157. 12V Down to 5V
  158. Microcontroller resets on motor operations.
  159. Chatter I'll bet erco doesn't have one of these
  160. Design Techniques for Critical Embedded Systems
  161. New 88MC200 Micro from Marvel
  162. Program your Pleo Ebay find?
  163. Unsolved Ping Connection
  164. Fuse question/suggestion
  165. How do I turn on an AOpen power supply
  166. current limiting circuit - opinions
  167. Center trim for 2 axis Joystick?
  168. $45 Rockwell Tool
  169. Unsolved problems with new PC communicating with Stamp2
  170. SMPS (battery charger) voltage output question
  171. Getting acquainted with op amps and need a little push in the right direction
  172. emic text to speech module
  173. SparkFun Free Day is underway
  174. Solved Seeking a 16 bit binary up-counter in a single chip package? Does it exist?
  175. Happy Birthday to Oldbitcollector (Jeff)
  176. 1TB in a swiss army knife with lcd
  177. printed electronics, paper smart card, contacting
  178. SAY IT, Help
  179. Bragging Rights!!! The Wire Bending CNC and the Patent Application
  180. RFID - sharing I/O pins?
  181. quad-copter's how to build one
  182. Tri Coder X-Prize contest win 10 million thats alot of Propeller chips.
  183. cnc / emc2
  184. Rat Shack carries Parallax now?
  185. SX Display Button code
  186. Chatter New magnetic storage device - get out your atomic tweezers.
  187. Chatter Happy Birthday to Al Booth and RicK!
  188. SAY IT, I give up
  189. Introduction and request for advice on project idea
  190. temperature sensor
  191. Chatter Radiation detector
  192. Propeller Platform CAN Shield PCB Available (limit qty)
  193. Project Recommendations
  194. Microcenter thinks Parallax is Arduino?
  195. MacOSx, Getting Started with Stamp in Class for Boe-Bot
  196. Car Settings Keeper 9V/12V
  197. Programming Language and Syntax and response to my posting code.
  198. With guys like Xanatos, Phil, Duane, Skylight, Leon and others
  199. What does exactly VIN do ?
  200. Chatter Industrial surplus for sale
  201. MC33926 Pololu Dual Motor Controller - Low DutyCycle = High Motor Speed ?
  202. Props Survive Airport Security
  203. What is the formula to convert Lat, Lon, Height to ECEF?
  204. Retrieving and storing serial string data to an array
  205. Quadcopter scouts route for Nome's fuel delivery
  206. SOPA Protest - Will Parallax participate in the internet blackout?
  207. Chairobics 4U
  208. Chatter Happy Birthday Tumbler!
  209. HELPP i need this by tomorrow? 100% BEGINNER?
  210. Chatter Kitty, 1995 - 2012
  211. Biometric Gun Safe
  212. The continuing saga of my dealings with Say It
  213. Chatter Happy Chinese New Year 2012 - Year of Dragon
  214. Chatter Happy Birthday electromanj!!
  215. Snubbing mech relay EMI from inductive load- Need advice on cap to use on the AC side
  216. Better audio amp chip?
  217. Windows tablet computer suggestions for educational program?
  218. Big Brain Experiences 1st Earthquake
  219. How does a computer learn?
  220. Unsolved making a brige program
  221. VocalTract obj would a better option in this case
  222. Comet Lovejoy
  223. Changing Direction with Say It when it's running another command.
  224. Bluetooth Audio Receiver as an Android link for projects?
  225. styrofoam cutting robot
  226. Cool Electromechanical Sculpture
  227. Chatter Has any one bought any thing from this web site www.smtmax.com/
  228. Solved What pin is the Vdd pin on the 40 pin DIP Prop
  229. Is Parallax.com Down?
  230. Chatter Ipads in the News
  231. DropBox - pyramid scheme?
  232. Roomba solves the cat hair problem
  233. Does this site have a ranking system?
  234. I need help!
  235. Solved When did it come out (really old BOE)?
  236. Unsolved Using Stamps as cost effective industrial sensors and ctrls and integrating to SCADA?
  237. Very New to this, need a push to the right Direction
  238. Will there be a propeller meeting @ the Parallax Offices this month (January 2012)?
  239. How to delete threads
  240. Best Wife in the World
  241. Lithium Ion Battery - off topic
  242. Turing Test Thoughts
  243. Need help with finding away to push button start a car.
  244. Nice Toolchest
  245. One Fine Looking BOE Bot.
  246. Printed Wobbler Air Engine
  247. store multiple characters in quotes
  248. Paypal?
  249. This has to be for erco
  250. Programmable headphones sound equalizer interface/amplifier?